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The importance of worldwide Church communications goes well beyond the immediate and is necessary to keep the community united and to reinforce its sense of participation.

ESSE.F., the publishing house of the RE Group, shares the important value of communications, which has an ever more significant role to play given the multitude of issues faced by a modern society. However, the need to move with the times is innately interconnected with the need to stay in touch with the past. Today the longstanding values of the past can find their full realisation when they are announced using modern-day communications methods and expertise.

Communicating a message means knowing how to instil it with a captivating joy and being able to plant a seed of consciousness, like a tiny grain of mustard which grows, strengthens and spreads its roots beyond time. To do this, it is necessary that the words and the means used are sending just the right message.

Evangelisation today is often the fruit of intellectual debates and mass media skirmishes to which the Church must not succumb to if it wishes to provide a strong foundation for the future of the world-wide religious community.

That which is accomplished by the Catholic community through communication is a form of evangelisation strongly heard and felt. As opposed to today’s often aggressive, doped and false information filled solely with immediate emotional gratification, ESSE.F. instils a balanced feeling of the Truth, whomever it touches.

ESSE.F. is a tool for the religious community which shares its same values and principles; it is in service of the Church in order to enhance its very evangelical communications skills and strengths.

It is a support ready to collect the stimuli, the hints, the ideas which come from those responsible for communications in religious and ecclesiastical organisations, in exchange for ESSE.F. experience and technology.

The support offered by ESSE.F. is useful in local settings where it can add to the skills and experiences of religious personnel involved in publishing and editorial initiatives.

The editorial staff is made up of Catholic professionals with a strong work background with newspapers of the diocese and with numerous other Catholic publications.

ESSE.F. understands the need to renew and modernise communications strategies for the Third Millennium. It does so using both traditional products (newspapers, magazines, books) as well as those of the latest generation (video, CD)

ESSE.F. provides support to communicate the ways of the Word in affirmation of its eternal Truth and Wisdom and to reveal the true charisma of religious and ecclesiastic organisations.

Communications can also be achieved by means of special events promoting the places, people and initiatives which are a modern-day testimony to an earnest faith.

ESSE.F. can create books, monographs, presentations, catalogues, magazines, periodicals, promotional pamphlets, flyers, videos, documentaries and advertising. The strong communications background of graphic designers specialised in targeting a Catholic public ensures that all messages have a strong and effective impact.

With the knowledge and experience gained over the years, ESSE.F. professionals also provide communications project planning and organise press conferences for religious and ecclesiastic organisations which wish to develop direct media relations.

ESSE.F. also provides training courses. An activity proven to be even more important by the latest reforms in the state school exams, which in order to receive a high-school diploma require student competency in article composition. The presence and collaboration of journalists in the school system gives meaning to the importance of a reinvigorated Catholic education system, which is always at the forefront of providing students with an education in sync with the times.

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