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In achieving their objectives of informing others about their charisma and activities, religious and ecclesiastic organisations produce an immense quantity of information materials. The message which derives from these initiatives needs to be unique and unequivocally clear. For these reasons it is important that all communication materials reflect a co-ordinated image concept which, in concrete terms, translates into developing a common front in the preparation of publications: from books to monographs, from catalogues to magazines, from business cards to company headers, all the way to advertising and logos. ESSE.F. closely follows the creation and development of every product to guarantee a clearly defined identity based upon coherent goals. ESSE.F. produces books, monographs, presentations, catalogues, newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, flyers, videos, documentaries; it is equipped with a highly developed press office to organise everything from press conferences to full press monitoring services including press clippings (with yearly press book), key spokespersons portfolios, media opportunities with key spokespersons to conferences and study seminars. ESSE.F. collaborates with accredited journalists to organise training courses for students who will be required to take the journalism test for the State exams.

Piazza Cavour, 3 - 20121 - Milano - Italia - tel. +39 02 62619.1 - fax +39 02 29008924
Via G. G. Belli, 122 - 00193 - Roma - Italia - tel. +39 06 32813200 - fax +39 06 32813201