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To be in solitude is a period of grace in which people search for God. It is a voyage of joy, a great gift of love, which for many often becomes a hurried visit, following a path which, while leading towards the sanctuaries of the Faith, does not create the condition to experience the most profound sensations found in true Christian spirituality.

Instead, the faithful are searching for a place in which they can pray - alone or together with their brothers and sisters in Christ - where they can again find a lost joy.

It is on these premises that SIAT, SocietĂ  Italiana per l'Accoglienza e il Turismo (Italian Hospitality and Tourism Association), founds its philosophy. The SIAT division of the RE Group for hospitality services offers professional support to religious and ecclesiastic organisations involved in these types of activities.

SIAT is the living expression of an active Christian Community comprised of laypeople closely committed to the Catholic Church who offer their strong background in this field in order to contribute to a greater project so eloquently expressed by the pastoral of tourism: that the stay in a holiday residence offers a profound spiritual moment to Christians who have been called to live in the sacred places of Christ for the sheer joy that this experience can bring.


Religious-Tourist Vacations

The planning and preparation of an event such as a religious-tourist vacation, implies knowing and understanding the rules of the religious community, a respect for those who have God as their destination - above and beyond - and sharing of this experience which, although lived in the role of a tourist, is viewed as a communal passage.

However the planning of a spiritual event involves concrete issues which the tourist operator must not ignore. The devotional aspect is indubitably meshed with the professional one lived with those who offer hospitality. They are inseparable aspects.

Proper guest treatment in a vacation home requires a series of commitments which must be respected: the creation of welcoming setting, of a simple yet dignified "tent". The safety of the brothers and sisters who, for their vacation, have chosen our home to live in communion with God and with us, can only be guaranteed by a constant review of legislative directives, especially now that Italy has also been called upon to respect European regulations.

SIAT is an important piece of the mosaic designed by the managers of the RE Group who share the mission of service towards religious and ecclesiastic organisations. It is the fruit of years of experience of operators specialising in these activities.

Its uniqueness is found in its approach towards the organisation: the operators’ knowledge and respect for charisma guarantees full discretion as well as functional solutions to the practical problems which can emerge in managing hospitality services.

SIAT assists religious and ecclesiastic organisations in opening phases, re-conversion or the re-classification of the real estate destined for holiday residence or vacation home use.

Placing trust in SIAT means being sure to find an operator which bases its activities on the principles of ethics and solidarity; SIAT operators share the fundamental moral conviction of building an activity with the full cooperation of the people who desire more than the everyday vacation, who are living an important moment in search of true values.

SIAT expertise rests in its exclusive commitment to activities which find their very roots in the Catholic Church, and only in this. On the one hand, this aspect penalises SIAT since it is precluded, by choice, from the possibility of entering into other hospitality fields; yet, on the other hand, guarantees to the organisation the full service commitment of a responsible and discrete operator.


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